Course Catalog & Syllabus

Term 1
Entrepreneurship & Idea Generation
Foundations of Management and Strategy
Data Analysis 1
Logic for Computer Science
Calculus 1
Analytic Geometry and Linear Algebra
Term 2
Data & Financial Information 1
Marketing Foundations
Programming Lab
Data Analysis 2
Calculus 2
Management Information Systems
Term 3
Business Plan
Data & Financial Information 2
Legal Environment of Organizations
Data Analysis 3
Data Structures
Calculus 3
Term 4
Tech Business Development
Investment Analysis
Software Design & Development
Data Analysis 4
Marketing Mix
Human Resources Management
Term 5
Algorithms & Programming
Business Creation
Organizational Behavior
Project Management
Object-Oriented Programming
Business Economics
Term 6
Business Intelligence
Operational Systems
Funding Sources
Cost Analysis
Consumer Behavior
Operations Management
Systems Analysis and Design
Term 7
Business Models
Financial Analysis
Operational Research
Computer Networks
Term 8
Database Systems
Internet Programming
Elective 1
Elective 2
Elective 3