Information Management

                                      The Information Management Program is offered by the Faculty of Management and Business (FAGEN), at Federal University of Uberlandia (UFU).

The Information Management Program (IM Program) main objective is to teach the best joint practices of Business Management and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to create solutions to the information society. The program sits on a four pillar curriculum: engineering level quantitative formation (to which a strong statistical basis is added), management training, training in information technology (IT), and entrepreneurship groundwork.

Core classes in the IM Program cover Programming, Business Plan, Database Management, Business Problem Solving, Data Analysis, Project Management, Applied Statistics and Probability, Business Models, Tech Business Development, Finance, Business Strategy, Innovation, Business Intelligence, Math and Mix Marketing. In addition, IM Program use electives to investigate new possibilities of information management, especially those that deal with information technologies to achieve high levels of strategic business value, like Computer Science, Economics, Government and Creative Industries. See full course catalog here

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